Medically Supported
Withdrawal (Detox)

For adults 18 years and older

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Hospital and Residential
Treatment Center

1, Serenity Lane
(formerly 91150 Coburg Industrial Way)
Coburg, Oregon 97408


Mailing Address:
Serenity Lane
PO Box 8549,
Coburg, OR 97408

TELEPHONE: 541-687-1110
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-543-9905
FAX:  541-683-9061

All calls are kept strictly confidential. Personal assistance is always available by phone, 24/7 if needed.


Medically Supported Withdrawal (detox)

At Serenity Lane, we provide medically supported withdrawal (detox) at our licensed special inpatient care facility located at our Residential Treatment Center in Coburg, Oregon.

Serenity Lane’s medical staff carefully monitors patients to ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. This process is often referred to as ‘detox' (detoxification).

Medical treatment is individualized; therefore the length of stay in the hospital will vary. The nursing staff, physician, psychiatrist and assigned counselors work together to develop a specific treatment plan. When the patient's medical condition has stabilized, the physician will arrange for transfer to the residential treatment program.

We offer a specialized Buprenorphine withdrawal treatment for opioid-addicted patients.

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