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These prices are approximate.
It is best to call and speak with an admissions counselor, who will be able to provide you with a more accurate cost analysis.

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Package Pricing
(as of July 1, 2011)

We find that sometimes a patient will become so concerned about what one more day of treatment will cost that they lose focus on treatment. We have developed Package Pricing to help when this might be the case. Package Pricing is optional.

"Package Pricing" is our term for a pricing system that offers you the lowest possible cost of our services. Traditionally, patients are charged for services as they are delivered. An estimate of the cost for those services is provided at the time of admission. However, some patients or families are uncomfortable not knowing exactly how much treatment will cost. To accommodate this we have developed some Package Prices for combinations of certain services bundled together. The charges for these Packages are the least amount we offer for these services. By taking advantage of the Package Price, the patient and/or family commit to the full treatment program and as such the Package Price is firm and will not be adjusted should the patient choose to not take advantage of the full program chosen. In other words, if you choose a Package Price, you must pay the full amount whether the patient completes treatment or not. As noted below, detox and observation days are NOT INCLUDED in the Package Price and are additional.

Package Pricing is optional. The patient or family can also choose to be charged the traditional way for services as they are provided.

Package pricing


  1. Not all patients are clinically appropriate for each of these levels of service.  If, during the assessment process it is determined that one of these packages of service is not appropriate for the patient's needs, they will not be offered that package.

  2. These packages DO NOT include hospital detoxification or observation & assessment.  These services will be charged separately and are in addition to the above prices.  This is because each person's hospital needs vary and can not be predicted with certainty prior to admission and examination by the physician.

  3. Some insurance companies will not agree to the provision that the price is fixed even if the patient chooses to not take advantage of all the services included.  Unfortunately, if the patient has insurance coverage by one of these companies, we cannot offer them the option of taking advantage of the package price.

  4. The prices may change.  Be sure to check with our admissions department for the most recent pricing.

The phone number for our admissions department is:  (541) 687-1110
or call the Toll-free Central Inquiry Line: 1-800-543-9905

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