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A private, not-for-profit, family-oriented
treatment center for alcoholism and drug abuse.
Serenity Lane is the Best Value in Oregon

Accredited by CARF
Serenity Lane is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Serenity Lane is the oldest and most experienced chemical dependency organization in Oregon.
Founded as a Not-for-Profit Corporation in 1973 in Eugene, it now has outpatient programs in nine locations in Oregon and one in Washington.

Fully Licensed Specialty Hospital.
Serenity Lane's hospital program is a fully licensed specialty hospital that provides full medical management complete with twenty-four hour nursing care and two full time physicians.

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Screening Criteria
Serenity Lane utilizes ASAM placement and continuing stay criteria as part of its ongoing evaluation and assessment process. This includes a thorough emphasis on screening for severe psychological or psychiatric problems, which may prevent patients from benefiting from our services. In these cases, referrals are made to a more appropriate resource.

Serenity Lane Provides Step Down Services.
Serenity Lane has responded to Managed Care by being the first program in Oregon to provide a spectrum of step down services for patients. Patients, who are determined by assessment to need hospital services followed by residential and outpatient, can now do so within one system. Serenity Lane has two residential program options followed by outpatient services which patients can use in their own community.

Quality Long Term Treatment
Serenity Lane's long term treatment program - called ExSL - was designed for those who may benefit from an extended treatment environment. The program's focus is on a therapeutic community for the healing and support of recovering alcoholics/addicts who are relapse prone. The length of the program varies with individual needs but is a minimum of two months. ExSL is available to those who have completed primary treatment at Serenity Lane or elsewhere.

Serenity Lane has pioneered family participation in addiction treatment.
Every program from Residential to Outpatient has intensive family participation at no extra cost. We do it because research shows that it contributes to better success rates. Learn more about the Family Program.

Quality Children's Program
Serenity Lane offers a program which provides education and support for children of recovering parents. The program provides a safe environment where children can express their feelings, and discuss addiction and family dynamics with their peers. Art therapy is also used to maximize opportunities for understanding and self expression. Learn about the Children's Program.

Extended Recovery Support
Serenity Lane is the only program that underwrites good clinical outcomes. Research has shown that sobriety rates double with patient participation in Recovery Support. At Serenity Lane, the last 44 weeks of Recovery Support are available for those who complete their treatment plan.

The first program in the state to start intensive outpatient programming.
Serenity Lane's intensive Outpatient Program is nine hours a week for eight to ten weeks of primary treatment. We provide eighty-eight sessions of Recovery Support, making this a full two-year program.* (* HMO contractual programs may vary)

Complete Patient Monitoring System at No Additional Cost.
Serenity Lane is first in providing an optional, complete Patient Monitoring System at no additional cost. Employers, courts, professional boards, and others are notified immediately if a patient misses scheduled sessions so that action can be taken if necessary. Of course, this is done with the properly signed releases in place. This system along with monitored urine screenings provides one more thread of support to patients who are struggling to break the cycle of addiction.

Program monitoring for Continuous Quality Improvement.
Serenity Lane monitors how effective it is with patients. Our clinical outcomes department constantly asks patients and others how we are doing. These ongoing evaluations are used for constant program improvement. Serenity Lane participates in ORYX, a program that The Joint Commission uses to compare Serenity Lane's performance with other treatment centers across the nation.

Serenity Lane's prices are competitive.
When you compare services, you will find that we are the best value that can be found in Oregon. For insurers or behavioral management companies discounts are considered for volume admissions.

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