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treatment center for alcoholism and drug abuse.

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received treatment from Serenity Lane in 1982. She has worked in the chemical dependency field ever since and feels that her life changed course after she received treatment.

"Miracles happen everyday at Serenity Lane and it certainly happened for me. I have a bumper sticker on my car right now that says 'I am a miracle' and I am. By all rights I should not be alive today. Had I continued in my disease and not sought help, I wouldn't be alive today. So yes, I believe in miracles."

Why Serenity Lane?

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Serenity Lane as your treatment center for alcoholism and drug abuse:

1. When recovery from alcohol or other drug dependencies becomes a priority in your life, remember this – the American Medical Association classifies chemical dependency as a disease, and it's in your best interests to seek treatment at a medically-based facility, like Serenity Lane. Our caring professionals are here 24 hours a day, including doctors and nurses with experience in addiction medicine. We're Oregon's only licensed specialty hospital for chemical dependency, and one of America's top 100 programs.

2. Research shows that most people prefer to seek treatment for alcohol or other drug dependencies in their home community. That's why Serenity Lane can be found all across Oregon and southwest Washington. We have 3 locations in Portland, one each in Salem, Albany, Eugene, Roseburg and Bend, and in February 2010 we opened a clinic in Vancouver, Washington. From big cities to small towns, Serenity Lane offers one of America's top 100 treatment programs right in your own back yard. Recovery may be closer than you think at Serenity Lane. View Facility Locations.

3. If you operate an Oregon or Washington business, Serenity Lane has special drug-free workplace programs that'll help you retain valuable employees and improve your bottom line. We can assist with policy development and training, as well as offer an Employer Services program that provides a patient monitoring system, return-to-work conferences, and advice about last-chance agreements. We've been helping businesses stay drug-free for over 20 years. Let us help you, too.

4. A few years ago, Serenity Lane established an innovative treatment program called Ex-SL. What makes Ex-SL so special is that its main function is to give relapse-prone patients additional time as they seek help with the disease of addiction. With an extra 60 or 90 days available to them, Ex-SL patients have a real opportunity to obtain full recovery in an unhurried, supportive environment. So if you, or someone you love, needs a little more structured time to become clean and sober, look into our Ex-SL program.

5. In 1973, Dr. Thomas Kerns opened the doors to Serenity Lane, a brand new hospital for the treatment of alcoholism. Since that day, we've admitted tens of thousands of people suffering from the disease of chemical dependency, and the majority of those people are still leading clean and sober lives. So if you, or someone you care about, is seeking a treatment center, why not choose the hospital that's been providing professional compassionate service for more than 25 years?

6. When you're in a hospital, isn't it comforting to know that you're getting the best care available? Well, that's exactly what you can expect at Serenity Lane. We're certified by CARF. Our Hospital is licensed as a Special Inpatient Care Facility (SICF) by the Department of Public Health of the Oregon Health Authority. You can always expect professional medical staffing and the highest quality standards. What's more, many insurers insist on this credential. Stringent, respected accreditation is just another reason why Serenity Lane is one of the top 100 treatment programs in America.

7. If your loved one is at Serenity Lane, please remember this. Recovery rates double for those who complete Recovery Support. We strongly recommend that our patients continue treatment on a once-a-week basis for a full year. To our knowledge, the Recovery Support program at Serenity Lane is the most comprehensive in the state, and let me say this again, taking advantage of this great opportunity doubles quality recovery. A clean and sober life is available today through Serenity Lane.

Treatment facilities in Eugene, Portland, Salem, Albany, Bend, and Roseburg, Oregon and Vancouver Washington 
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