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Serenity Lane's Young Men's Program
Young Men's Program
for young men ages 18-24

Serenity Lane is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, adapting our treatment modality to meet the changing needs of those afflicted with the disease of addiction.

The latest innovation in our services is a separate program for young men ages 18-24.

Our records show the majority of our male residential patients between the ages of 18 and 24 are addicted to opiates. An epidemic of fatal relapses triggered an organization-wide response as a team of our most talented and experienced clinical experts came together to devise a plan of action.

The Young Men’s Program, established in February 2012, is highly structured with more emphasis on direct counseling, offering primary group therapy seven days a week, separate lectures on life skills and more targeted relapse prevention. All at no additional cost.

With two counselors assigned to 12 patients, program participants receive more direct contact with their facilitators.

The main challenge of the young male brain is impulsivity. With less obligations and responsibilities, young men have difficulty conceptualizing the future consequences of their actions.

The Young Men’s Program involves a higher level of intensity, focusing on adjusting behavior through increased accountability and impulse control.

Since the program’s inception there has been a significant decrease in problematic discharges, with more young men successfully transitioning to our outpatient programs and on to a life free from addiction.

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