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All calls are kept strictly confidential.


Your first contact with Serenity Lane is likely to be an emotional one. Whether you are calling about yourself or a loved one, we know that there is usually a crisis of some kind that has motivated you to call us for help. Alcoholism or drug abuse doesn't occur over night. It is usually a gradual and painful spiral to the point where the first phone call is placed.

Since we opened our doors in 1973, we have handled thousands of phone calls made by people just like you. We know you are worried, afraid and need a calm listener on the other end of the phone. We have specially trained admissions staff available to assist you.

During that first conversation, you will be encouraged to share openly the history of use of alcohol and or other drugs. We'll do our best to determine if the potential patient is appropriate and ready for treatment.


The first order of business is to gather information. Please fill out our Screening Assessment form (PDF) and email it to Serenity Lane Admissions. We will be asking about overall health, (both physical and emotional), financial resources and health insurance coverage, if any, so having your health insurance information handy is a plus. You will also be asked about your personal support network, (family and friends) and to provide some demographic information.

An in-depth assessment, usually 1 - 2 hours, is then required to provide us with all the information necessary to prepare for an admission into our program. If possible this is done in person, either at our main facility or at the outpatient office nearest to you. In some cases, the assessment is done via telephone. It is after this interview that a treatment recommendation is made.

If you are assessed as needing treatment, you will be offered admission to one of our programs. If you agree, the admission will proceed and a contract for service will be initiated.

Call now to set up an assessment: 1-800-543-9905

All admissions, transitions, and discharges are based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine's Patient Placement Criteria, second revision (ASAM PPC-2R).

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