Children's Program

The CHILDREN'S PROGRAM is a special program providing education & support for children ages 7 to 15 of recovering parents.

"Tita helped me understand what my dad was going through, and that it wasn't my fault."

Tita will help your children understand addiction and the impact it has on the whole family. With Tita's gentle guidance, children will learn about the disease of addiction and make sense of the changes that have led their family member to seek treatment at Serenity Lane.

Serenity Lane also offers a Children's Program which provides a safe environment where children can express their feelings, discuss addiction and explore family dynamics with their peers. They participate in art therapy to maximize opportunities for understanding and self expression.

When a parent enters recovery, many changes take place within the family. Often children are confused about their role in the process, and need guidance through many levels of change. Children can internalize anxiety about what will happen once the parent returns home. This program helps children gain confidence to face the new dynamic without fear that they did something wrong to cause the problem in the first place. The children are able to "normalize" their thoughts and feelings; realizing they are not the only ones going through this difficult time. The concept of addiction as a disease is discussed and preparation is made for their parent to come home to a clean and sober supportive home life, one that will be fulfilling for both the alcoholic/addict as well as the child.

Tita Evans-Santini

, M.A., A.T.R., Q.M.H.P.

Tita Evans-Santini was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and has lived in the U.S. for over 40 years. She holds a Masters degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University. She is a Registered Art Therapist and a Qualified Mental Health Professional with a private practice in Eugene, Oregon. Ms. Evans-Santini has counseled children, adolescents and their families for over a decade. Tita's special approach includes art therapy, supportive, relaxed peer discussion, laughter and self-expression. She loves her work and the enthusiasm she brings to the program is evidenced by the rapid rapport she builds with the children in the group.

Tita and her husband, Mark, live in Eugene and have two sons.

Contact Serenity Lane's Family Program liaison for more information about this special program.