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Serenity Lane's Long-term treatment program

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ExSL Program Overview

The ExSL program treats long term addiction and focuses on a therapeutic community for the healing and support of recovering addicts who are relapse prone and who have made slow progress in primary treatment. Therapeutic community is a communal approach to addiction recovery that brings healing and support through a total change in life-style. Therapeutic communities have made the greatest impact on alcoholics/drug addicts for the following reasons:

  • Addiction is viewed as a disorder of the whole person, effecting many aspects of daily life. Therefore, it is not enough to deal exclusively with the chemical of abuse.
  • The ExSL program has a highly structured daily regimen: providing order, reducing boredom, reducing drug use preoccupations, enhancing satisfaction of accomplishments
  • The program promotes a willingness to confront others in a supportive way in keeping with the rules and spirit of community: checking attitudes, moods, and appreciation of each other's progress.
Each person's needs define their pathway to recovery with a focus on elimination of self-defeating behaviors, promotion of social attitudes and values, and caring for others. "Love your neighbor..."

The ExSL program is specifically designed for relapse prone persons.
  • The program helps patients deal with the core issues and unfinished business directly related to addiction that triggers relapse.
  • The ExSL program helps relapse prone persons to look at core psychological personality and abuse issues that may result in relapse.
  • Patients are taught how to manage cravings.

Length of the program varies with individual needs, but the program is a minimum of 2 months.

Clients must be at least 21 years of age and have already completed primary treatment, either at Serenity Lane or elsewhere.

Interview with the mother of a young male ExSL patient.

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