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The Last Treatment Program You'll Need

A bold statement, but true for many of our patients! The profile of an ExSL patient is one who has had two or more residential treatments of 21+ days and has been unable to find lasting recovery. Our patients could give lectures in most programs on the disease of addiction, denial, communication, family systems, 12 Step programs, sponsorships ... and the list goes on. ExSL patients know how to "talk the talk," but can't (or won't) "walk the walk" of treatment and recovery. Typically, they are the wisest of the "treatment wise." The clientele in our ExSL program are those patients who haven't been successful in traditional treatment settings. We love the challenge, and so do the patients! There are no lectures in ExSL. Instead, patients go through intense group work on core addiction issues related to their pattern of relapse. Family sessions, in one-on-one settings and group, are included in the program. These meetings are meant to shed light on the family dynamics that have been impacted by the disease and to allow healing to begin.

How do we accomplish this mission where others have fallen short despite their best efforts? One key ingredient is time. The typical ExSL patient is deeply entrenched in their addiction. Building trust and getting down to the patient’s core relapse issues takes hard work, commitment and time.

Additionally, the concepts of therapeutic community, responsibility and accountability create an environment where the disease lives under a microscope. Behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are challenged and ultimately reshaped. As a result, no stone is left unturned in breaking down the disease.

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