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The ExSL Staff

Doug Smith

Doug Smith, CADC II
Manager of Residential Programs
Clinical Supervisor of ExSL

Doug Smith, CADC II, oversees all aspects of the ExSL program. He came to Serenity Lane by way of our Counselor Training Program and following graduation in 2004 he was hired as an Intensive Outpatient Counselor in Eugene. He worked in that capacity until August 2007 when he was reassigned to our ExSL (long term residential) Program.

Doug says he was drawn to a career in counseling by way of a spiritual experience - that it was just something that he knew he was meant to do. Over the years, Doug’s experience with this special group of patients in the ExSL program helped him formulate the clinical program to what it is today. He describes his counseling style as "care-frontational" ie: using a confrontive approach in a caring way. He has had many mentors during his career at Serenity Lane and enjoys the challenges in the ExSL program. He supervises the team of counselors and works to continually hone and adjust the program so it meets the needs of all the residents.

Doug Smith can be reached at: dsmith@serenitylane.org

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