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Serenity Lane's Long-term treatment program

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The ExSL Staff

Tom Burns, Serenity Lane ExSL program
Tom Burns, CADC II


Tom Burns, CADC II

Tom loves the opportunity he gets in ExSL to "meet patients where they are" in their recovery. "It's a larger team effort," he says. "We get to go deeper and look at underlying issues." He stresses accountability and acceptance with his patients. "Nobody gets into ExSL by accident," he likes to say. "When you come in to ExSL it's because you still have some issues to work on, after residential. And we really get to work!"

Tom Burns can be reached at: tburns@serenitylane.org

Molly Gelinas, Serenity Lane ExSL Program
Molly Gelinas, CADC I


Molly Gelinas, CADC I

Molly describes the ExSL process as one of breakdown and rebuilding. Patients look at the issues that have been an underlying factor in previous relapses. Molly helps her patients work through everything from family dynamics to trauma. "I get to work with them on the more vulnerable, emotional side of things." She describes this process like becoming a sponge. "We build them back up with spirituality, self-esteem and fellowship."

Molly Gelinas can be reached at: mgelinas@serenitylane.org

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