Inpatient / Residential
Treatment Program

For adults 18 years and older

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Hospital and Residential
Treatment Center

1, Serenity Lane
(formerly 91150 Coburg Industrial Way)
Coburg, Oregon 97408


Mailing Address:
Serenity Lane
PO Box 8549,
Coburg, OR 97408

TELEPHONE: 541-687-1110
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-543-9905
FAX:  541-683-9061

All calls are kept strictly confidential. Personal assistance is always available by phone, 24/7 if needed.

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Serenity Lane Coburg Campus

Our Residential Treatment Center provides clinical assessments, medically supervised withdrawal (detox) in our specialty hospital, and mental health evaluation and support for co-occuring disorders. The nursing staff, physicians, psychiatrist, mental health professionals and counselors work together to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Typical length of stay is 28 days but may vary based on individual treatment needs and financial resources.

Our primary goal is that all patients find recovery. Most of the counseling staff are themselves in recovery and offer encouragement and support for a new life, free from harmful addictions.

Services Include:

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • In-depth Clinical/Mental Health Evaluation and Support
  • Medically Supervised Withdrawal/Observation (Detox)
  • Stabilization & Review
  • Group Therapy / Individual Therapy
  • Education about Substance Use Disorder
  • Family Program (with focus on repairing family relationships)

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About Medical Detox -an interview with our Medical Director, Dr. Ron Schwerzler

Medically Supervised Withdrawal

All patients are initially admitted to our specialty hospital within the treatment center. At this time the medical staff carefully monitors patients to ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. This process is often referred to as ‘detox' (detoxification).

Medical treatment is individualized, therefore the length of stay in the hospital will vary. The nursing staff, physician, psychiatrist and assigned counselors work together to develop a specific treatment plan. When the patient's medical condition has stabilized, the physician will arrange for transfer to the residential treatment program.

While in the hospital unit patients are expected to:

  • Remain in scrubs issued by Serenity Lane. Clothing and other personal belongings will be secured for safe keeping.
  • Phone calls are limited.
  • Toilet Articles: (ie: shaving materials, cosmetics) should be left at the nurse's station. Patients may use these items when needed and then return them.

Residential Treatment

Once stabilized medically, the patient will begin our residential program. This includes education about the disease of addiction and group counseling. There is a set schedule Monday through Friday, however the weekend schedule will vary, depending on the patient's length of stay, to accommodate participation in the Family Program.

Patients are assigned a counselor who will work with them throughout their residential stay. Each counselor has a number of patients, who together, form a group. On weekdays, the group will meet each morning and afternoon to explore problems, feelings, changes and conflicts that come up in the treatment process. This is called group therapy and it is a significant part of residential treatment. Patients will be oriented to group and assigned a "buddy" (another patient who is further along in treatment). This person will help explain the rules and ease transition into the group environment.

Patients are educated about the effects of chemical dependency. Most importantly, patients are introduced to the First Step portion of treatment. The First Step process is an initial review of the patients history with chemicals, the effects that usage has had on their life and those around them, and the unmanagability and consequences of substance use. This is a preparation process for writing an autobiography of use. Patients receive assistance in preparing their First Step information.

Group therapy is the primary form of treatment for substance use disorder and is used extensively at Serenity Lane. However, individual counseling is available to patients and family members on an "as needed" basis, during the treatment period. Counselors visit with patients periodically to discuss their progress. It is their responsibility to let the counselor know if they have specific issues they wish to discuss.

Our Spiritual Advisor is available to assist with spiritual needs. The term "Higher Power" is often used in treatment and refers to a personal belief in a resource which gives one inner strength. Interaction with the Spiritual Advisor is optional.

Serenity Lane's offers lectures by various staff and alumni, readings and discussion groups. During these sessions valuable information is provided regarding substance use disorder. Patients are expected to attend all lectures unless excused by the clinical staff. We recommend that patients take notes on all lecture material for later reference.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment & Recovery Support

Outpatient Services and Recovery Support are a continuation of the planned recovery process for patients and their families. These programs are offered to those patients completing all components of their prescribed treatment. Statistics show that your chances of staying in quality recovery will double if you complete the Recovery Support component of treatment. Involvement in 12-step meetings is encouraged as part of Recovery Support.

Family Program

Serenity Lane's nationally recognized Family Program is an educational program that focuses on repairing relationships damaged by years of destructive chemical dependency. Our program is designed to integrate the patient and the family and to supply vital information about how this disease negatively impacts the family system. The Family Program is offered in a 4-weekend series. Attending all the sessions is highly recommended. This program is an integral part of Serenity Lane's Residential Treatment.

Please note: family members wishing to visit patients are required to be enrolled in the weekend Family Program. Other visitors are restricted unless they have permission from the clinical team. Family members may sign up for lunch during the family weekend programming but they are not allowed to have dinner here with the patients. Family members must leave at 5:45pm. Visiting Information »

Employer Services

Support from the patient's employer can be very important to treatment and recovery. Therefore, patients are encouraged to sign a release form that allows staff to contact employers, licensing boards or other third party referents. At the request of the patient, the employer will be invited to visit Serenity Lane and/or have a counseling session with the patient and their counselor. This meeting may occur during the last week of treatment or at some other time. If patients are uncomfortable about signing a release form we urge them to speak with their counselor. If problems or complications arise with employers, Serenity Lane's Employer Services Representative will assist in negotiating a positive outcome. Read more about our Employer Services.


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